The Appeltaart Top - A new blouse pattern for girls

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There's not been much happening recently in my sewing world. I have not had the time or impetus to complete anything, but Layla saw this top whilst scrolling and actually let out a little squeal of delight. So I figured I had to join the test for her! This is the Appeltaart Top by the Eli Monster.

Butterfly blouse in blue

The fabric that Steph used on her daughter's version was amazing, and I told Layla that she couldn't have it, I wasn't buying anything new. So she nonchalantly said, 'oh I'll just have butterflies then'. Nothing like resigning yourself to beautiful fabric eh?!

Blue ruffle top

I managed to get a version 2 of the pattern sewn up and complete when it became clear that the top needed a bit more swing, so the final version has a bit more flare to the hem, but I didn't have the time to sew up another, so bear in mind that my final pictures are a bit narrower than the final pattern.

Back view of blue top

The top features a ruffle, forming a cap sleeve on one shoulder, and following all around the front petal, to the back and up to the centre front on a faux wrap petal. It's finished at the neck and armholes with bias binding (my nemesis, but woohoo, I managed it this time!).

Ruffle butterfly top girls

The back is finished with a simple neck placket and button and loop fastening. These are super quick and easy to do.

Blue ruffle top and pink leggings

The thing that took me the longest was gathering the long ruffle, I really need to invest in a ruffler foot for my Bernina.

Girl jumping

The blouse that this pattern produces is super cute, and it could be made into a beautiful showstopper with some super special or sparkly fabric. Just imagine it with a tiered maxi skirt!

blue butterfly blouse in orchid house

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