All About Me

I picked up the art of sewing at a young age whilst watching my own Mum make some wonderful creations. I made my first dress around age 8 and sewed up little bags and other items over the next few years when the sewing machine was free!

Then, came a long break where school, university and life in general got in the way. I settled down and had my own family.

My foray back into sewing started by making a buggy snuggle for my first child, then a small jacket for my second. Now that they are a bit older, my two children (age 8 and 5) are on the normal and very skinny side. Finding clothes for them (trousers for my son until very recently were impossible to buy in the right size, but now he’s had a huge growth spurt and filled out) and basically anything for my daughter that actually fits is quite hard. So I started making dresses and shorts for my children, and had so many compliments I decided to take the next step and make a few bits to sell.

I discovered the world of independent pattern designers, and PDF pattern makers, and along with it, the world of pattern testing. Pattern testing gives me the opportunity to think outside the box and try out so many new designs that I would previously have shied away from.

I am now at the stage where particular fabrics and patterns are calling to me. I love to create bright, bold and stunning pieces. I like to use the fabric print to showcase a particular style, or make a classic style pop. I particularly like Pat Bravo designs for Art Gallery Fabrics, Nel Whatmore designs for Free Spirit Fabrics and certain floral designs by Michael Miller Fabrics. Of course, it's not all about designer fabrics. I have links to UK Mill Shops who have the most wonderful variety of different fabric prints and compositions to choose from.