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So, I've been looking back at my blogposts, and have to say, there haven't been that many of them this year. And the reasons why? Well, we started extending our house back at the beginning of March. Anyone who has ever had building work done will know what a huge upheaval that is to a household. It took pretty much 6 months to complete to a state we could all start living happily again, and now we have the builders back in to correct a fairly fundamental issue. So my newly created sewing room has been off bounds again, sealed off (literally, with tape around the door) and me unable to do anything again. Another reason for the last month has been a fairly sad, and ongoing family situation. One that we hope won't last for too long for the sake of the family as a whole. But needless to say, it's been clouding my creativity somewhat.

I have failed on a pattern test, failed to keep up my side of several sewing ambassador commitments, and for that, I am truly sorry. Sometimes life throws you a curveball.... and it keeps on curving at the moment.

I can't wait to get back into sewing again, get back into life as it was pre-building work, pre-family illness. I think my sanity will return!

So I made myself a top just before my sewing room was sealed off. It's been a fair while since I made myself anything, and I hoped it would cheer me up somewhat. It hasn't worked 100% as expected as it's just made me aware of my own body image hang-ups.... bleurghhh.

This is the Maritiem top by the Eli Monster. I wanted to apply to test this pattern when the call was put out, but with all the things going on, I decided it best not to add to my stress levels. It's a fairly simple knit top, which is designed to be semi-fitted, with three quarter length sleeves.

The pattern comes in two teen sizes, then adult sizes A-H. I have found that I need to make top patterns based on my upper bust measurement rather than full bust, I obviously have a wide back, and not very big boobies! So going by my measurements I needed to make a pattern based on a size B chest, E waist, and D hips. Frankly, I couldn't be bothered to grade over all those sizes. I printed off size B and C, and used B shoulders, neck and armholes, then graded out to C from the armhole to bottom hem. I added an inch at the waistline as I know I have a slightly longer torso than normal. Yes, it would probably be a bit snug, but I prefer a slightly tighter cut to my t-shirts.

So the finished top doesn't fit me too badly at all! I think I know where Layla gets her larger back and shoulders from, as I seem to have the same fit issues as her, my shoulders seem too wide at the back, but perfect at the front. The width is fine for me, but I would perhaps have widened it slightly at the bottom hem for a touch looser fit over jeans.

And then the pictures. I am so shapeless, and my belly seems larger than my non-existent chest... It makes me sad to see the pictures. I know why I have very, very few mirrors in the house.

Anyway, enough of self-pity. The fabric is a pure viscose that I bought a couple of years ago thinking it was a woven, not knit. I would not go out of my way to buy viscose now, knowing the very intensive chemical manufacturing process. But as I had it already, it seemed silly to have it sit and go to waste. It's a lovely thin, bright printed, very stretchy fabric. I think I may have enough left over to make Layla a matching top. She would love that.

The Maritiem Top is on sale this week as part of the Spooky/Sweet blog tour, along with The Nieuw Dress, The Rivier Dress, The Süsse Skirt and The Sötnos Shirt. Here is the full line up:
Monday 15th October - Seams Normal
Tuesday 16th October - Threadistry, Marieke Falderieke
Thursday 18th October - She Who Sews (you're reading me!), A SiwSiw
Friday 19th October - Random Knack, Frullemieke, SoVeryJo

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