The Muzikant Skirt

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I always find sewing for me very daunting. Not least because the fabric consumption is much, much greater than for a child, but also because I find fitting to me very difficult.

Blue wool skirt

But having had a wardrobe reduction, I got rid of a lot of clothes that either didn't fit, or were totally worn out, meant that I was seriously lacking in wearable clothes!

Smiling women

So The Eli Monster to the rescue. I needed a fairly quick and reliable sew to make myself an outfit and two patterns fitted the bill perfectly.

Blue Trumpet skirt

I made a slightly modified Maritiem top in supersoft viscose jersey knit (I bought this over a year ago I think, and Fabworks no longer have it in stock, but I can link you to this, which is a different colour), and then paired it with the Muzikant Skirt in a gorgeous drapey, soft wool suiting.

Autumn picture

I measured 3 sizes larger on my waist than my hips (pah, my tummy goes beyond mummy tummy). So I figured I'd just cut the skirt for my waist size, and not blend sizes, especially as the larger sizes are graded for a taller height, which I needed. But once I'd made the skirt up it became clear that I really needed to grade it in for my hips. I put the skirt on myself, inside out, without the waistband, and pinned out the excess along the side and back seams (unsurprisingly, the front was fine over my tummy!). So basically, in the end, I should have graded for hips in the first place.

Happy lady

Once I'd made these little adjustments, I added the waistband and then sewed on the button. I tried hard to pattern match the stripes, and largely managed, except for one of the centre back pieces, which really annoys me! The fabric is a fine herringbone, in a two-tone blue. I used the darker side for the main skirt, and the paler side for the waistband.

Pockets are not in the pattern, but I added them anyway as I always need a pocket to stash a tissue for every child emergency. I was so pleased to have a skirt that fitted, and looked flattering without looking frumpy. And yes, you can twirl in it too!

Woman spinning in trumpet skirt

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