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I am so thrilled to be included in this new Cosy Toes Footwear Tour for Twig and Tale! It's my first time being in a blog tour, so I thought I'd be easing myself in with a small item like footwear. The sewing itself was easy and enjoyable, but photography of feet I have found out is not so easy. You can read more about the tour over at Twig and Tale. An additional discount code is in this post.

I have owned the wayfarer shoe pattern for some time, and made up several pairs of slippers for my own kids and as gifts for others. So for this tour I wanted to try my hand at the boots.

I had so many ideas floating around my head, ranging from full leather slip on boots to be worn as barefoot shoes (I still think I'll attempt this at some point in the future), to unicorn based wild things boots, to appliqued fairy boots for a truly girly look for Layla. But when it came to it, and I looked around my fabric stash, I settled on a simple pair of denim boots that I could enhance.

Inspired by the flower boots, I was now going in a very different direction to one I'd originally thought. I started looking through the internet for inspiration. I love paper origami and it got me wondering if I could create some origami flowers out of fabric? The google image search for origami using fabric brought up a few pages for butterflies which piqued my interest.

I found a couple of different tutorials online, and decided on one in particular (origami Matthews butterfly) and set about having a go with paper first to see how easy or hard it would be. My paper butterfly was easy and a success, so I tried it out on some floral and butterfly fabric. Again, this was actually really successful!

As my some of my original ideas included fairy wings on the back (in a similar fashion to the wild things dragon wings) I still wanted that wing effect. And a big butterfly on the centre back seam of the boot was a perfect fit. It looks a bit like wings from the front, but from the back is obviously a butterfly.

I used pale blue denim as the outer, silver leather as the sole, and lined the whole thing in butterfly print cotton poplin.

Between the sole and the lining, I added a piece of cotton batting, just to add a bit of cushioning and an extra layer for warmth. I did the same on the toe section. I chose not to add it to the main leg piece, but I'm slightly regretting that as it would have made them warmer, and also added a bit more support to the large butterfly on the back.

This tour coincides with the release of the new Ladies and Mens tie-back boots which are on sale until midnight (PST) Friday 9th June. The pattern is discounted already but the following code will then take the price down to just $7 (USD)!
CODE: COSYTOES for an ADDITIONAL 15% off the entire footwear collection. (This includes the new Tie Backs for Grown-ups, Wayfarers, Tie Backs, Flower Boots, Wild Things Shoes and Wild Things Boots).

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  1. I love the origami butterflies! I have been planning to use such paper fabric cross over in my own sewing as well, very cool.

    1. I wanted to experiment with origami flowers too, but it seemed a bit complicated with all the fabric folds.

  2. Your origami butterflies are amazing! What a fabulous idea - they look wonderful :) xx

  3. The fabric origami is beautiful! Did you use any interfacing for the butterflies? Just wondering if the fabric alone has enough stiffness to hold the shape. I'd love to give it a try!

    1. No, I didn't use interfacing. Each butterfly is two rectangles of fabric sewn together. For the smaller ones, the fabric was enough to hold their shape. The big ones have ended up a bit floppy. I actually added a few stitches to the top wings at the top of each boot to hold them up a bit better. The fabric made them a bit heavy which made them flop. I'm unsure if a stiff interfacing would help, or if it would then make the boot side collapse?