The Driftwood Blouse and Dress pattern (And shirt pattern if you have a boy!) - new release

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I have finally found a pattern that is easy, quick, simple and classic looking. And even better, it is something that my son loves to wear. This is a huge win for me, and I have to thank Twig + Tale for such an awesome pattern!

He is over the moon that I have made him something for a change. He showed his appreciation by wearing the shirt continuously for days until I had to confiscate it to wash it. The fabric is a lovely soft cotton shirting from Fabworks. Sometimes I wish I didn't live an 8 hour drive away from their Millshop.... then other times sense kicks in, and I'm glad I'm so far away, I think I might be bankrupt if I was close by!

As soon as it was washed and ironed, he wore it again. It's now got a splodge of tree-sap on the front from playing in a pine forest, which sadly has not come out in the wash, despite being sprayed with Vanish first. I'm guessing it'll gradually wash out the more he wears and I wash it?

This picture above, both my son and daughter are intently inspecting the undergrowth in 'the Jungle'. It's a perfect view of the back (or front, the blouse can be worn with the tie at the front or back) of the shirt, and a little glimpse of the Pixie Dungarees on my daughter. Back to the pattern. This is marketed as a blouse and dress pattern, for girls. But from the moment I saw the line drawings, I knew I wanted to make up a shirt for my boy. It has a boho, casual, surfer vibe to it. It's simple and classic, and it suits him down to a tee.

I think he likes it because it's easy to wear, there are no buttons or ties, no itchy labels (he seems to have an aversion to shop bought clothes, and I always have to cut out the labels before he's happy) and it covers him up. He doesn't have to have sunscreen on his arms when the sun is out, and he doesn't have to wear a jumper to keep warm. I made him the plain 'blouse', it has long sleeves gathered to a small cuff, it has a gently gathered neckline into self made bias. In theory, I should have added either the neck-ties, or a button and loop to the open v-shaped neckline, but he was very certain he didn't want either.

My daughter was sad when she realised the shirt was for my son, so a week later, I have actually sewn up another shirt for him in red chambray in exactly the same options as this pictured green shirt (why change something that so obviously works for him!), a long sleeve blouse for her (nearly the same, but I added a button and loop to the neckline on her request), and I have a dress cut out ready to sew too (this dress version has a neck ruffle, and short sleeves gathered in to a cuff), all from the very same pattern.

There are so many combinations, you'd be hard pressed to make them all. You can have gathered cuffed sleeves, either short or long, elasticated sleeves in either short or long, long bias neck ties, button and loop or open neckline (like I made). Then, there is also the option to have a v-shaped neck opening, or a teardrop shape. You can have a blouse/shirt or dress. And to make it super girly, a neck ruffle is included, in either wide, or super wide! Like I say, soooo many options! The pattern is on sale now, until midnight Monday 3rd July (PST). You can get a bundled copy here.

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*I was given this pattern to sew up for photography purposes, however all views are my own. And seriously, this is one pattern I am in love with!*

*Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (the price stays the same for you) which will help me in the future to buy more patterns to share them with you!*

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  1. Brilliant piece and I love this too, looks great :-)

  2. The Driftwood looks so great on your boy Saskia! I just love it :) Looking forward to seeing your other versions when they come to fruition... isn't it great when they actually ask for you to make their clothes. xx

    1. Thank you Lisa. And yes, it's brilliant when the kids actually ask me for more clothes... now where were those extra 2 days a week ;)