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As part of the Twig and Tale inspiration team, we are given the chance to sew up new patterns in time for their release. There is no pressure to sew up each new release and when I saw the initial pictures for the Pixie Pants, I actually decided not to take part. But then as testing was extended and a new option was added, a tester photo totally changed my mind on the pattern. My picky model saw the picture too and said she really, really liked it, but the trousers were too short (they were culotte length, just below the knee). I checked with Lisa to make sure I could make full length trousers and made a start.

I chose to make the culotte style wide leg, bib front, bar strap back. I then lengthened the leg to make it full length. I did this simply by measuring Layla's inside leg and extending the pattern the extra length, and a bit extra for luck (you can never have too much length for a child's trouser, they grow so quickly that an extra turn of the hem is really useful!). The pattern comes with lots of options, from plain shorts, to suspender culottes, to a knee length romper (to me and my daughter, we refer to this option as a set of dungarees over here in the UK).

I had the perfect fabric for the job, a pink chambray from Fabworks Mill Shop. It's got a tiny herringbone pattern to it, and is the most wonderful fabric to work with. It appears to have totally sold out now, and I'm glad I managed to buy it in the red colourway too, I just love it!

I stupidly didn't pay a lot of attention to the sizing chart, and nonchalantly ignored the measurement chart detailing chest and height measurements. Well, I didn't ignore it, but I didn't pick up that it should have said waist instead of chest (don't worry, this has been corrected!). So I inadvertently made the pants 3 sizes too wide for Layla using her chest measurement.

I was so pleased with the result, they were so smart and neatly constructed, and I spent a lot of time top-stitching them to make them look perfect. Only for her to put them on and be a bit drowned. She perfected the little fit pic with the grumpiest face ever, and the phrase 'I hate them, I never asked for dungarees. I'm not going to wear them, they're awful'.

Oh the joys of an opinionated five year old.

I turned them inside out and fought them back on her to try to pin out the back crotch seam to take in some of the excess. But I would have had to take in so much that the fall of the fabric and fit of the legs would have been totally off. So I had a little hissy fit of my own and took them apart, entirely. I spent a whole evening unpicking the overlocking, the seams and then the top-stitching. I ended up covered in threads and feeling a little demoralised. I left the project and got a nights sleep to start afresh the next day. In the light of morning, I took the decision to just cut new trouser legs in the correct width and felt pretty silly at the hours of unpicking I did.

On the plus side, constructing them a second time was extremely quick! The pattern is well drafted, the pieces all fit, the notches all fit, everything just fits. The pattern instructions are really clear and detailed. For the first time, little video tutorials are included too! For a beginner this is an amazing pattern, for a more advanced seamstress, this will be an easy and satisfying sew that you can add your own special touches to.

The new size was met with a much, much better reception by Layla. She was happy to try them on, and even happier once they were on and buttoned up. I think she must have got out of bed on the wrong side for the first try!

I didn't like the idea of fighting my two kids to go out somewhere picturesque for photos. That seemed like more hard work than I needed. Instead, I took advantage of my garden, more specifically, my greenhouse. The weather has suddenly warmed up here in Cornwall, and after a little care a couple of months ago, my strawberry plants are already producing this year. I hoped they'd make a nice backdrop for photos, unlike the bug killers, slug pellets, compost and assorted pots that are also kept in there. What you can't see in the photos, is all this other paraphernalia that I put out on the lawn behind me.

In the right mood, Layla is a lovely little model now. She is trying to pose, and is listening a bit more to my suggestions on how to stand. Life is getting easier now they're both getting older, which is fantastic.

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*I was given this pattern to sew up as part of the Inspiration Team for Twig and Tale, for photography purposes for re-release of the updated pattern. However, all views and opinions are my own.*

*Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (the price stays the same for you) which will help me in the future to buy more patterns to share them with you!*

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  1. Really love your fabric choice and the final outcome of those dungarees!! I will keep the greenhouse in mind as photoshoot location, however ours isn't that photogenic :-)

    1. My greenhouse wasn't photogenic until I removed a large amount of 'rubbish' from it! I need to think of more indoor locations as our weather turns more and more Autumnal.