A new baby for the family

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It was almost 3 years ago that I made my first Waldorf style doll. I was so inspired by it, that I bought lots of patterns, and spent a fair amount of money buying supplies to make more. I even had designs to start making them to sell! I'm not sure what happened. I made a larger, more complex doll, who has been named Baby Sam (you can see him here), and he firmly lives with my (now) 11 year old son. I bought more patterns, and more supplies, and fizzled out. Perhaps clothing pattern tests took over?

So this pattern I have made up today, was bought in November 2018. I found the invoice for the supplies, which was May 2017. This is procrastination on a whole new level!!

Anyway, I was spurred on again by a post directing me to a new (to me) group, running a sew-a-long for the Selah doll pattern by Brambles and Blossoms. It rang a bell with me, and I went to look at the pattern on Etsy, only to discover that I'd bought it previously. I hunted out my supplies, neatly packed up in a box, and thought I'd give it a go.

I joined the sew-a-long group a day after it had started, and made a start on the second day, by valiantly printing the pattern out, enlarged, to make an 18" doll. I cut it out during the evening and left it on the breakfast table. Layla found it the next morning and said 'I don't want to upset you Mummy, but it's too big'. So matter of fact. Phew, glad I didn't cut into the fabric the previous evening! So I reprinted at the standard 14" size, and she was much happier.

By now, it's day 3 of the sew-a-long, and all I've achieved is to cut out the paper pattern. Fortuitously, the group is US based, which meant the majority of my day 3 was spent with them asleep, so I caught up pretty easily.

I used doll skin, which is 100% cotton interlock by De Witte Engel. It's super expensive, and feels seriously soft and squishy. I had a hard time finding cotton fleece that was suitable as a lining fabric, so in the end I went for another thick white cotton interlock fabric instead. I filled the limbs (and torso) with glass doll weights (it looks like grey sand) and carded wool.

It took a good while, I spent countless hours in between the kids groups/classes and after they'd gone to bed, sewing and hand stitching. I even took my basket of supplies to the kids martial arts class, and whilst they were having fun for an hour and a half, I was hand sewing the traditional style head up!

And then she was mostly made. I presented her to Layla just before dinner on Thursday evening, and her little face was a picture. She was instantly in love. Even with a naked body, and no face or hair, she was treating her like a real baby.

I spent the rest of the evening embroidering her face, and then making a start on her crochet wig cap. I spent a rocking Friday night (hahaha) finishing off her hair, so she was ready for Saturday morning first thing.

Layla has named her Emerald, and it was her request that I make her eyes green to match her name. Next on the list of items for her, will be a hat and booties. Then of course, she'll need a carrycot too... and no doubt the list will go on!

Doll pattern: Selah doll by Brambles and Blossoms
Doll supplies: Little Okes Dolls and Mohair Bear Making Supplies
Sleepsuit pattern: Puppenjumper 2 by FirleFanz
Sleepsuit fabric: Olumis fabrics
Doll blanket: Doll size Euro leaf by Twig and Tale

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