Sewing a 'wedding' outfit for a 7 year old

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For the longest time my daughter has been asking for a dress-up wedding dress. She loves the flowers, the lace, the drape, the train, the big skirts... all things showy and over the top.

A little while ago, a lady posted a screenshot into a sewing group, asking for pattern recommendations to make her own wedding outfit. Of course, Layla saw it, she is instantly drawn to white or ivory clothing pictures. I grabbed the screenshot and did a reverse image search to find the source. I figured it would be pretty easy for me to recreate the outfit for Layla. It turns out that the outfit was for sale through Etsy, with lots of pretty pictures of a glamorous model. A boxy cropped top, with a pleated high low skirt, probably a circle. Very classy, and very elegant.

I started a Pinterest board all for wedding outfits that Layla really likes, you can view it here: Wedding Outfits.

Luckily I had a couple of patterns that were similar already.

I found both through One Thimble magazine, this was way back in issue 12, August 2016. The Calla Lily Crop top by Jennuine Design and the Brook Blossom skirt by Orange Daisy patterns. I made both patterns when I got the magazine, both for Layla's birthday. I even made matching dolly clothes too. She was so little then!

The Calla Lily Crop top can be made lined or not. I chose the lined option. My outer was an ivory/cream dupion silk, and I used an off-white cotton lawn for the lining. I actually made a mistake and brought the lining to the outer as the button placket, but the end result was actually quite nice!

Layla obviously wanted a high-low skirt, so I chose that option. The Brook Blossom pattern isn't pleated like the inspiration picture, and it's not a full skirt, it's a half circle. But it's a good enough match for me. I used some white Broderie Anglais that I had bought for a reason many years ago, although that reason eludes me now. Because it is white, and has many holes, I added a small lining for modesty, mainly because she normally wears brightly coloured knickers.

I didn't have enough to make the full skirt, the length wasn't in the fabric, so I thought outside of the box and remembered a big wide lace trim I'd bought from a closed bridal and prom business. The lace happened to be just the right length to add to the skirt! I set about ruffling a very long length, I can't tell you how much because I left it on the reel and just gathered and gathered until it sort of fit around the hem of the skirt. I sewed it straight onto the hem, still attached to the reel as I didn't want to end up piecing it. That way I knew I had enough.

I was contemplating adding some of the lace to the crop top in some way, but it is a very wide panel, and would have made the crop top a normal, if not long length top. I'm not sure that was in keeping with the inspiration, so I left it off.

She's worn this outfit lots, she loves the way the skirt feels flowing behind her. I'm not sure she notices all the looks she gets, or I get, as we walk through town or the supermarket. I just love that she feels happy in herself.

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