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During the summer when my little girl was curled up in bed with me in the mornings, we'd sometimes scan through Instagram together. I follow The Eli Monster, as well as a whole host of other pattern designers. But my daughter is especially struck with Steph's daughter. She saw the new blue dress that she was wearing, and instantly said she wanted one just like it. So when Steph finally got settled and back into pattern drafting, I applied to test the pattern.

The Fjell Dress is a modern take on the classic peasant dress. To be honest, when I first saw the dress made up, I had no idea it was a peasant dress! I saw all the pattern pieces deconstructed and it looked like a funky new dress design. I was intrigued to see how the dress fitted with having no zip or button closure at the back.

The front bodice is split into two pieces, a flat, shaped lower bodice piece which is lined, and an upper bodice which is gathered into it. The neckline and sleeves are both finished with an elastic casing. The back is one solid piece, with two sewn in pieces of elastic to the lower back, which gently pull the bodice in snug to the body. Raglan sleeves finish the look off perfectly!

The skirt is heavily gathered into the bodice, importantly has inseam pockets, and is hemmed using the usual Eli Monster touch of a blind hem. I love this clean look, and my daughter loves the big twirl.

I chose to use some Cloud 9 fabric that I've now had for a couple of years. I hoped it would be a good choice, but now that the dress is made up, I'm really not that struck on the colours or the print working that well with the dress pattern. I feel the pattern needs something bolder, something that will stand out more? This dress would definitely work in 3 different coloured fabrics, and some of the other testers did just that. Some also added trim to the bodice seams, and skirt hems. I think as it's such an easy wear dress, and my daughter likes it, then when I make another, I'll add something extra too.

My daughter is steadily growing, and now measures into an age 6 chest (I think it's the first time she's fallen into her correct age in a pattern sizing!). So I made a straight age 6 for this test. She still has a super skinny waist though, so I did take the side seams in to around an age 4 size, and even then, it's a little loose on her. But I think she likes this looser fit. She finds it easy to get on and off, and as the weather chills off, she can wear it over a long sleeved tee and leggings to keep warm.

The Fjell dress is on sale now, and through to Monday 9th October, for the price of $7.

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  1. Your daughter looks stunning in her new dress. Love the twirl!