Cutting off the long locks

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For a while now, Layla has been asking to have her hair cut short. To start with, I've poo-pooed her requests, but they are becoming more and more frequent now and have been accompanied with her telling me exactly where she wants it cut to.

showing me how much of hair she wants cuts off
I want my hair to here Mummy
After asking around family, and in groups on the internet it seems I'm being a bit on the mean side by ignoring her and so I think the time has come to chop off 16" of length to where she wants it, which is shoulder length.

She hates her long hair
The face of a child who is fed up with their hair (note the clenched fists!)
It's going to be a huge change for all of us. But I think it'll make her feel happier, and freer. Her hair is so long that it just gets everywhere at the moment; in her dinner plate when she's eating, in her mouth, it blows in her face outside, constantly falls out of ponytails, gets seriously knotty and tangled, it's even getting in the way trying to buckle her into her carseat (even when plaited!).

showing her hair in a long ponytail
She wears her hair in a ponytail or a plait all the time
So I called the hairdresser, and today is the big day. She's very excited, and has been telling everyone that her hair will go on to help other little girls or boys who don't have any hair.

Long hair brushed down her back
Her hair beautifully long (too long to be practical)

She will be going to the hairdressers with her tied back in a long plait, and will have the whole plait chopped off which will then be donated to The Little Princess Trust

I'll be sure to be back with another blog post after her hair is cut, wish us luck!

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