The Evergreen Bonnet

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I was so excited when I happened across a testing call in the Twig + Tale Chat Group on Facebook for a new bonnet pattern. A bonnet was something that I really wanted to try ever since I bought the Twig + Tale Pixie Hat pattern. As much as I like the Pixie hat, and how cute it looks on, I wanted something a bit more fitted with the option of different closures, which this new bonnet featured.

Having never tested for Twig + Tale before, I applied not expecting to get picked, but was pleasantly surprised to find an email inviting me to the testing group when I woke the next morning. Twig + Tale are based in New Zealand, so the time difference to me in the UK was pretty much as big as it could possibly get!

This pattern testing was extensive. Children's heads are all different shapes and sizes, so finding a happy medium in the different sizes was a long process. You can see the first version test shots where the fit wasn't right for either of the sizes on my two children. After this first round it became obvious that the sizes needed contracting into larger size groups. I skipped this second round of testing as the group was split so that we weren't all making loads of versions!

As you can see, the next version I tested we were toying with the idea of adding elastic to the chin strap and having a more one size fits all approach. Now this worked for larger sized heads, sort of, but definitely not for smaller sized heads like my daughter. It swamped her.

On the third version above you can see we were almost there with fit. Adding a small piece of elastic to the centre back really helped draw the bonnet in to look more fitted. But there was still a fair bit of excess in the centre back piece. So a final, and fourth version was drafted.

This is the final test version, and the fit was spot on now over all the sizes. Through the testing process it was found that the bonnet could even be worn without any straps, as you can see pictured above. I like this idea, and for my final bonnet, one was without a strap, and one with a chin strap.

Here you can see my two final versions. The pink bunny bonnet was strapless under the chin, the orange fox bonnet had a chin strap fastened with a velcro tab.

The children and I had fun with the photoshoot. My son played a Fantastic Fox, whilst my daughter played the hunted bunny!

In the end, the Fox caught the Bunny and strung her up by the ears!

My pink bunny bonnet was made with an outer of hot pink 100% cotton corduroy fabric. I then lined it with a 100% floral cotton bought from Fabworks which I quilted to wool batting for winter warmth. The bunny ears weren't quilted, but did use the same floral fabric as a contrast lining. I made this version without any strap or ties, but did include the small piece of elastic in the back to help it stay put. I can honestly say, that through the whole photoshoot of running around, the bonnet didn't come off at any point!

The Fox bonnet was made with a Italian Wool Plaid fabric bought from the new closed Fabric Rehab website. Because the wool is very thick, I didn't quilt the lining on this one, instead just used some scraps of Art Gallery Denim fabric. I believe it was this linen/cotton blend that I won in a competition. The ear tips were made from scraps of stretch velour. This is the chin strap version. You can close the straps with snaps, or a button, but I chose a simple velcro tab. It's quick and easy for the child to do themselves, and safer if the strap got snagged as the velcro would give quickly.

I took so many pictures on this shoot, I thought I'd add some photo spam here:

You can pick up your own version of the pattern here, Evergreen Bonnet. It includes all the different closure versions, self ties, chin strap, diy ties, strapless etc, along with a peak option too. You get to choose from the following animals too, Fox, Bear, Bunny, Panda, Kitty, Mouse and Puppy.

I got requests from my children to make them more bonnets, so you can see a further Kitty, Reindeer and even Sherlock Holmes inspired bonnet in a blog coming soon. Which version would you choose? Let me know in the comments :)

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  1. Just love your Evergreen Bonnets! The children look like are having so much fun in them :) Thanks for helping us test, Lisa x

    1. No worries! I look forwards to future tests with you as your patterns are so much fun.

  2. Looks like it was worth persevering through the testing to get those fabulous bonnets at the end! Not something I've ever thought to try but now I'm thinking about it!

    1. Oh yes, these bonnets are definitely worth sewing. It's the first time I've done something animal based and fun, and the kids really appreciated it.