The pink and blue outfit

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This little outfit has come about slowly, and organically. It started with the cropped sweater, which was my first foray into sewing fully functional garments in knit fabrics. It's fully reversible, and of course, my pink loving girl mostly wears it, you guessed it, pink side out. The Rosemary Sweater was a pattern test I did a few months ago from new designers Petite Stitchery (more on the Rosemary Sweater in a blog post coming soon).

She has her own eclectic style, and the day we took the photo above, she teamed the pink sweater with a pale pink sleeveless blouse, a pale blue paperbag top skirt and red knit leggings. Of course, she felt this was fully appropriate for den building in the woods!

Then, several weeks later I stumbled across a skirt pattern, which quite frankly, scared me! Knit patterns create such simple, easy wearing items. But they require a slightly different style of sewing to keep their stretchy properties. With just a simple overlocker, and a sturdy mechanical sewing machine, fancy stitches are not something I can achieve. But I soldiered on, and using the scraps from the sweater, created the cutest little matching skirt. I conquered my fear of topstitching jersey to create the little circular pockets.

The skirt has the sweetest little circular cut-out pockets, perfect for those little hands. The pattern is the Liv Skirt from Sofilantjes. Making the main skirt piece out of the blue jersey, as that's what I had most left, has encouraged Layla to wear her sweater blue side out. She loves to match!

And finally, the outfit was completed with the addition of the Wintergreen Beanie hat, embellished with a huge fabric heart. This is a new pattern, not yet released by Petite Stitchery (Blog post will be released shortly).

We had a seriously frosty morning the day after I'd finished her new hat. We took full advantage of the low early morning sunshine peeping over the hill into the valley. You can see the frozen ground. She was trying to blow breath clouds into the air, but the camera couldn't pick them up sadly.

The whole outfit is adorable, but she's already virtually outgrown the sweater as you can see by her t-shirt sleeves poking out at her wrists. It won't be long until the skirt is too small too.

What do you do with your lovingly handmade clothes when they are outgrown too fast? Let me know in the comments.

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